Applications, Checklists and Fees

Schedule of Fees

Application Type Fee Details
$100 Filing Fee Only
       3rd Party Broker's Opinion or Appraisal
  N/A Applicants Responsibility 
Variance (Board of Adjustment) $75 Must meet with Planner prior to submittal
*Preliminary or Final Plat  $150+$3/lot  Residential
*Preliminary or Final Plat $150+$10/acre Non-residential
Street Use License (SUL) $150 Renewed every 15 years
*Rezone or Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or
Planned Development (PD) Site Plan
$150+$3/acre To match Ordinance 1948 
*The filing fee for a piece of property that is 3.125 acres in size would be a total of $159.36 ($150 + [$3 x 3.12]). City staff uses the second decimal place when calculating a filing fee and does not round up or down. 

Procedures for Plat Recordation